Our Co-Op

I am helping start a worker-owned cooperative pet care business. With this business we aim to:

1. Provide sustainable and enjoyable jobs for animal lovers who are not able or don’t want to start and run their own business. We’ve found that even though our field is full of entry-level positions, built-in high turnover rates at the businesses we’re familiar with has been a thorn in the side of the actual care of the animals. We want to take these entry-level jobs and make them last, for the benefit of the pets and their caretakers.

2. Raise the standards of animal care in the East Bay by teaming up with other excellent service providers, and focusing on education and training for the worker-owners of our cooperative. Most pet service providers just want to make a buck. And too often, the “professionals” make our public trails downright hazardous. I am inspired by this video from Pawderosa Pet Care Service and also watching Jerry of Run with the big dog work in real life.

But why a co-op?

I was recently asked why I want to start a co-op, when I have the experience and ability to just work for myself. Why not start a business that just hires employees? This a question I will try to set time aside to answer here, maybe, someday, if you’re lucky.

Please email me if you’d like to keep up-to-date on the development of our worker-owned business!

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