About Esra

20180906_080929BI started working with dogs in 2010 while I was going to school to be a drug and alcohol counselor. After spending a couple years managing play groups, I had found my life’s passion, and knew I needed keep myself knee-deep in canines.

Since then I have been working with dogs professionally in social/play and training/obedience settings, always trying to help them become their better selves. In addition to The Model Mutt, I am a worker-owner of Your SCRUF Pet Care Collective.

There’s a major void in quality education for seasoned dog walkers, and I’ve been hearing this complaint from other dog walkers for years. Between my passions for empowering people and dogs to be their best selves, and my obsession with improving my own handling and training skills, I’ve set myself up to be able to offer this quality education.

I still have my feet in the game, running 4 hikes a week. I’m committed to always learning and growing (from the dogs and my beloved colleagues), and staying in touch with real-life dog walking on the ground. If you want to get more of a feel for my personality, check me out on instascam and facecrack. And if you live in or are coming through Oakland, CA, hit me up! I love a good ol’ fashioned networking coffee.

While I have an extensive background in training pet dogs in basic obedience and behavior modification, I’m currently focusing on training dog walkers, and so referring all Bay Area family dog training requests to these lovely East Bay folks. They represent a wide range of training styles, so check them out and see who you click with.

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Lonely Hunters Dog Training

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