Only crazy people need to meditate, and only bad dogs need training?


I heard a new myth yesterday, that “only crazy people need to meditate.”

Anyone who works with dogs knows well enough that ALL dogs benefit from training, structure, and boundaries.

Same for training ourselves in mindfulness.

We ALL benefit from in-the-moment increased awareness of what’s going on within ourselves.

We ALL benefit from greater control over our impulsive behavior.

We ALL benefit from a more intimate relationship with “the impermanence of things.”

All humans deal with stress. All humans can benefit from better relaxation techniques.

All humans need to grow. All humans can benefit from deeper awareness of our shortcomings, and making space for revelations to bubble to the surface.

I’ll admit, I’m quite (and, yes, proudly) maladapted to our capitalist, patriarchal society.

I’m “crazy.”

Which is probably why I have been drawn so much toward meditation as a tool to help me cope with this F’ed up existence.

Your dog is no different.

Your dog lives in a freaky 21st century human world, which is very different from the world dogs evolved in as our companions.

Maybe your pup is easy going, or maybe he’s maladapted.

Maybe he’s “crazy,” and maybe he’s chill.

Despite where he falls on the spectrum of benign-to-malicious behavior, ALL dogs still benefit from a form of doggy meditation.

ALL dogs benefit from structure, leadership, and clear boundaries and expections.

ALL dogs benefit from practicing impulse control, and learning how to regulate their emotions.

And as their guides through this weird ass life, we humans can all better serve them by focusing on our own personal growth.

Whatever our goals, whatever our mental health status, meditation for the win.

(Here’s a picture of me and Pepa working on our self-care, on a big rock overlooking the Pacific Ocean.)

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