Skills, education and certification for professional dog walkers. Courses in simple dog walking and basic obedience, all the way up to advanced handling for tough dogs. Start with a single dog and work up to managing a whole pack off-leash. This is what your clients have been asking for. Sign up and get more info at

Dog Walker Pro

Developing your professional dog handling skills starts with focusing on one dog at a time. This course sets the foundation for all your professional work with dogs, and is a prerequisite for other courses in this curriculum.
Prerequisite: None.

– polite loose-leash walking
– basic obedience
– relationship and motivation
– learning theory: lures, cues, rewards, markers, timing, corrections, distractions
– introduction to dog psychology and body language
– defensive walking

Off-Leash Dog Pro

Learn how to introduce safe and reliable off-leash freedom to one dog at a time, in a public space. Contains foundational skills for off-leash pack hiking.
Prerequisite: Dog Walker Pro

– off-leash obedience in a higher-distraction environment
– advanced dog psychology and body language
– courtesy and safety considerations
– defensive walking on the trails

Group Walker Pro

Whether you do group neighborhood walks, or want to use group leash walking to enhance your off-leash hikes, this course builds on the content in Dog Walker Pro to get great leash manners and obedience from more than one dog, at the same time.
Prerequisite: Dog Walker Pro

– safe transportation
– introducing dogs to each other
– loose-leash walking in a group
– pack management

Pack Hiker Pro

This course is for people who take multiple dogs off-leash in public space. It is essential information and skills development for pack hikers.
Prerequisites: Dog Walker Pro, Off-Leash Dog Pro, and Pack Walker Pro

– pack management for off-leash dogs
– fight prevention and intervention
– “strange” dogs and your pack
– trail manners and courtesy
– reducing arousal, decreasing stress, increasing reliability
– being a solid pack leader
– client selection and screening
– preparing a new dog for pack hikes

E-Collar Distinction

Remote training collars can offer more freedom and safety to dogs in our care. This course teaches you how to introduce the language of the e-collar to a dog in a positive manner, and use it to reinforce obedience on the trail. Valuable for single- or multi-dog professionals.
Prerequisites: Dog Walker Pro, Off-Leash Dog Pro

– assessing when to use e-collar versus other methods
– introducing a dog to e-collar in a positive and motivational manner
– reinforcing obedience
– avoiding superstition and troubleshooting

Tough Dog Distinction

>Safe and effective handling for dogs with reactivity, fight/bite/kill histories, high drive and arousal, etc.
Prerequisite: Dog Walker Pro, and consult with Esra directly regarding your interest in this course

– client selection, enrollment, and support
– advanced body language
– effective communication
– trust and confidence-building

In-home Boarding and Daycare

Prerequisite: Dog Walker Pro
– client selection and defining your services
– reducing anxiety and stress, increasing reliability and fun
– safety protocol
– multi-dog boarding
– your personal dogs

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